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Voice Broadcast Services Perfected In Prayer


A very interesting usage of voice broadcast services.  Read this to get more ideas on how you can utilize voice broadcasting in your profit and non-profit activities. 

As long as you don't turn a very personal prayer time into some marketing gimmick, I think this can be a benefit to people who are praying from the heart:

Safe Fortress

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It’s wonderful to know people are praying for you, especially when you are sick or in a situation that calls for additional blessings. It is the immediacy of prayer that has helped so many people in their time of need. And it is technology that is enabling prayer groups to get prayer requests out quickly. As such, churches of all sizes and denominations, religious groups and ministries are turning to an automated calling service for prayer chains.

Automated Prayer Chain versus Telephone Tree

Voice broadcast for prayer chains offers many benefits that manual telephone tree calling cannot provide, which is why many religious organizations are looking into automating this service. This chart shows some of the advantages of automating prayer requests over manually dialing each number in your prayer circle….More at Religious Groups Automate Prayer Chain For Faster Blessings


Automation is the key to scaling profits.  Without it, you are operating from a weak position.  You need to automate to see business procedures taken care of automatically, while leaving you free to work on other profit producing activities. 

This prayer chain article simply outlines the need to be flexible and adaptable in this ever increasing digital age. 



Your Voice Broadcast Success Depends On Your Campaign Choice


How to make your voice broadcast the most effective depends on a couple of points.  A nice competitor of ours offers this article to help choose the proper campaign.  This is a very simple process which, if done wrong will be you essentially blowing your money around:


Many small businesses utilize Voice Broadcasting to help grow their organization. But many businesses fail to choose the proper campaign style to match the skills they possess.  

110/365 Winter Fun!

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The most popular campaign style is Live Transfers which are often referred to as Press 1 Transfers. One man shops typically use this campaign style to generate leads for their business.

….More at Dialtel Offers Tips on How to Choose the Proper Campaign for Voice … – Broadcast Newsroom


More Reading



It's easy to get your campaign up and running … any company can turn on a dialer.  However the proper campaign type and message will determine whether you have a positive ROI.  

We will guide you to exactly what you need to do for your target market.  



Voice Broadcasting is on the increase – take advantage of it


If you've been wondering if voice broadcasting is still a viable marketing method, here's an article found in the Houston Chronicle showing that it's on the increase.

You can be happy that others have done your marketing tests for you.  😉 


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“Voice broadcasting, applied with known best practice methods, offers a number of compelling advantages that are being embraced in the non-profit, education and political fields. Dollar for dollar, voice broadcasting is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to target any large audience with a time-sensitive message,” said Patterson.

Simply stated, voice broadcasting is a way to send pre-recorded messages to hundreds or thousands of people at once. This online technology, which is easily accessible, can auto-dial hundreds, or thousands, of phone numbers per minute and can deliver recorded messages to people answering the phone, or to voicemail.

Patterson cites several reasons why voice broadcasting is becoming the most popular and preferred way to reach out to masses with important informational messages….More at Voice Broadcasting: Services for Phone Blasting Notifications on Upswing – Houston Chronicle


The more the merrier when it comes to voice broadcasting.  It shows the acceptance for this type of communication.  Don't hesitate to contact us to get your Press 1 Campaign started.  



Voice Broadcasting Eliminates the Pain of Telemarketing


Most call centers have a high attrition for their telemarketing reps.  Voice broadcasting services virtually eliminates those painful issues that are inevitable with telemarketing. 


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As you'll see in the below article there's a lot of reasons why your reps are quitting or crying.  They have to have all their ducks in a row to get their call, just right and not get rejected. 

Voice broadcasting allows your reps to only receive interested calls.  If the lead responds to your Press 1 Campaign, that means they like the 30 second message they received from you … automatically.  

Read on to see why telemarketing is hurting your business:


Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a shocking statement: “According to statistics, most consumers have a problem with telemarketing calls.” You’re probably one of them, right? They call during dinner, leave uninteresting or completely untargeted messages, and have no understanding of the word “no.” In one year, the Federal Trade Commission gets nearly 18,000 complains about telemarketers, and the Direct Marketing Association receives another 4,000 marketing-related complaints per month.

Yet outbound calling to cold or even luke-warm lead lists remains a promising way to market your goods or services. In a recent poll conducted by SCi Sales Group, telemarketing was second only to email marketing as the most effective channel for qualifying leads. When asked by B2B Magazine, marketing professionals stated telephone follow up was the most effective lead nurturing technique.

For professionals to believe in the power of telemarketing, they must be having success. Businesses are doing it right, and for you to be successful, you must follow their lead in proper planning and preparation.

Here are 12 ways to execute a telemarketing campaign that even the employees making the calls can believe in:

  1. What is it exactly that you’d like your leads to do? Are you looking to warm leads into a pipeline or do you want them to take a certain action, like buying a product or registering for a service demonstration? When the goals of these calls are clearly laid out, it will dictate the other steps you must take to execute an effective campaign….More at Telemarketing Without the “Ewwww” Factor


If you want to experience a happy telemarketing sales reps (TSR) then please visit: