Should you use voice broadcasting for your company’s personal list?


There's a lot to consider when working with your personal, in-house marketing list.  These are the prospects, customers, clients and referrals that you have built up.  They recognize you already. 

So what do you do?  That really depends on the size of your list and whether you want to bring them through a marketing funnel or go for a one close effort. 

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What you need to remember is your in-house list is the most valuable part of your marketing.  So treat it well.  Is voice broadcasting something you should consider?  That all depends if you are going to hit a large number and if you're committed to doing follow up campaigns, which will, in turn, bring a larger influx of ROI. 

Learn more about a process for smaller lists:

Highest Lead Generation Response Rate

Want to find more new customers, turn more prospects into loyal customers and make more money for your company? Lead generation marketing to your house list is the profit center you hit first.

Your lead generation response rate is highest when you work your house list by phone.

 Here you have the largest concentration of  sales prospects already familiar with your business.

They can be prospects you’ve met at trade shows or business conferences. They can be old customers who have drifted away. Or they can be subscribers to your email newsletter.

Test a trial project.  Start with your house list…

  • Keep it simple. Select fifty to one hundred prospects.
  • Yes! Fifty to one hundred prospects is all you need for this first test.  I contact qualify this list for you. I work the phones and make the calls…first with introductory cold calls that qualify each prospect to determine if they merit further contact.
  • My goal is to weed out the weak prospects…find out who’s worth going after with future call backs.
  • Only if they’re truly interested do you follow-up with a detailed email explaining explaining what you can do for them.
  • From there my follow-up calls continue to qualify their interest and move the sales process forward. I find out which prospects are serious…and which are the so called “tire kickers”.  Some leads are upgraded …some downgraded.
  • During this sales process I keep you in the loop so you know which prospects are getting ready for an appointment. That’s why I send you call out come reports immediately after each completed call. You’ll be able to track each lead…share lead information..and adjust tactics. Bottom line: You get a new visibility into the multiple mechanics and dimensions of a marketing campaign….More at Lead Generation Marketing | Marketing Direct uses tested sales


If you take these tips and run with them you'll increase your immediate bottom line as this list is the one that will make you money fast.  Spend your time cultivating them and it will pay off in the long run.