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What is it you should be looking for in a voice broadcasting service?  It's not easy to find a legitimate service that you can count on.  Here's a concise article on what it is that you should look for.  

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When you need to get a message out to employees, members, the general public, or other large groups of people, call broadcasting is the fast and cost efficient way to go. With a message broadcast, you send an automated call by recording a message and designating individuals or groups on your contact list to receive it. The back-end work of transmitting the call is done by voice broadcast services. Because of the popularity of automated phone calling, the number of online voice broadcasting services is growing quickly. However, not all of them work in the same manner or offer the same degree of services and features. When shopping around for a voice broadcasting company, there are certain things to look for to be sure you are receiving quality service and value for the price.

What’s the Platform

Voice broadcasting systems either work via phone broadcast software or a Web-based system platform. The two are very different from one another. Here’s how:

Automated calling software – This requires the user to download voice broadcast software to a computer. With a software-based automated phone system, you open the software on your desktop, follow the prompts, then select send voice message and it is transmitted over your phone lines or Internet connection. Only the computer with the software on it can send voice messages. When choosing this voice blasting method, it’s important to find out whether free voice broadcasting software is included in the price of the service plan, or if you have to purchase the software separately.

Web-based platform – With this automated calling system, there is no software to download, so it offers more flexible voice broadcasting solutions in terms of where and when you set up your broadcast call. With a Web-based automated voice message service, you go online and sign into your voice messaging system account, record your message using your computer or telephone, select your contacts, schedule the phone broadcasting day and time, and then select send phone call and the system sends out your automated telephone call using your Internet connection. Because it’s Web-based, you can send a voice message to a phone from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

What Features Are Available

Besides the basic system platform, some broadcasting message companies include additional features with their plans to accommodate the diverse needs of its users. Some of these features are functional, while others promote convenience.

An example of a functional feature is the ability to set a reminder phone call, an essential feature for appointment-based businesses. Another is the option to conduct a voice mail broadcast, which uses a telephone’s voice mail system if the call is not answered. With broadcast phone calls, the ability of the system to recognize whether automated calls are being answered by a live voice and if they’re not, to automatically deliver voice mail messages, is crucial in ensuring your broadcast voice message is being heard in a timely fashion….More at What to Look For in a Voice Broadcasting Service


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