Does Voice Broadcasting Fit In Your Marketing Plan?


It's very simple, but this is what makes you money.  When you want to start using voice broadcasting, be sure to get your foundation right and execute your foundational plan and then you'll have room to get fancy in your marketing plans and strategies. 

Most companies forget the basics and they go from idea to idea not getting it done. 

Read this article below to see how you would go about creating a plan for your 

Modern business: Brainstorming

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business, to insert voice broadcasting into the mix.  


I admit, I am guilty of it. And my business has suffered for it.

But, I have come to learn your marketing plan is a living document. It is constantly changing and morphing to reflect those avenues that are working, and improving or eliminating those that don’t.

But the effect of writing down (or in most cases, typing in) your plan can do wonders for helping you achieve your goals.

Items in a marketing plan:
– Specific Financial Goals
– Specific Marketing Vehicles You Will Be Using

Break each of these sections down into six month, three month, monthly, weekly, and even in some cases, daily tasks. This takes those HUGE goals for the year and makes them easily accomplished. Personally, I have every marketing task scheduled in my calendar for the year….More at Do You Have a Marketing Plan Outside Your Head?


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When you take the time to work your marketing plan, which the most important part is, the marketing strategies you're going to use, then you will see it pay off in spades. 

Voice broadcasting marketing should be one of the foundational tools you use in your marketing.