Voice Broadcasting is on the increase – take advantage of it


If you've been wondering if voice broadcasting is still a viable marketing method, here's an article found in the Houston Chronicle showing that it's on the increase.

You can be happy that others have done your marketing tests for you.  😉 


Image by blmurch via Flickr

“Voice broadcasting, applied with known best practice methods, offers a number of compelling advantages that are being embraced in the non-profit, education and political fields. Dollar for dollar, voice broadcasting is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to target any large audience with a time-sensitive message,” said Patterson.

Simply stated, voice broadcasting is a way to send pre-recorded messages to hundreds or thousands of people at once. This online technology, which is easily accessible, can auto-dial hundreds, or thousands, of phone numbers per minute and can deliver recorded messages to people answering the phone, or to voicemail.

Patterson cites several reasons why voice broadcasting is becoming the most popular and preferred way to reach out to masses with important informational messages….More at Voice Broadcasting: Services for Phone Blasting Notifications on Upswing – Houston Chronicle


The more the merrier when it comes to voice broadcasting.  It shows the acceptance for this type of communication.  Don't hesitate to contact us to get your Press 1 Campaign started.