Voice Broadcast Services Perfected In Prayer


A very interesting usage of voice broadcast services.  Read this to get more ideas on how you can utilize voice broadcasting in your profit and non-profit activities. 

As long as you don't turn a very personal prayer time into some marketing gimmick, I think this can be a benefit to people who are praying from the heart:

Safe Fortress

Image by Ian Sane via Flickr

It’s wonderful to know people are praying for you, especially when you are sick or in a situation that calls for additional blessings. It is the immediacy of prayer that has helped so many people in their time of need. And it is technology that is enabling prayer groups to get prayer requests out quickly. As such, churches of all sizes and denominations, religious groups and ministries are turning to an automated calling service for prayer chains.

Automated Prayer Chain versus Telephone Tree

Voice broadcast for prayer chains offers many benefits that manual telephone tree calling cannot provide, which is why many religious organizations are looking into automating this service. This chart shows some of the advantages of automating prayer requests over manually dialing each number in your prayer circle….More at Religious Groups Automate Prayer Chain For Faster Blessings


Automation is the key to scaling profits.  Without it, you are operating from a weak position.  You need to automate to see business procedures taken care of automatically, while leaving you free to work on other profit producing activities. 

This prayer chain article simply outlines the need to be flexible and adaptable in this ever increasing digital age.