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How Can Our Customer Service
Increase Your Bottom Line with
Voice Broadcasting Services?

customer service  Your campaign profits are not just about your sales message or how many leads you generate and close.  client services

It's the managing of your campaign properly which shields you from the hidden-wasted expenses which are typical in voice broadcasting. 

Read this entire page before investing in a
voice broadcasting service.

Our Success Is Your Success

Customer service is the key ingredient for voice broadcasting success.  When pricing your voice broadcasting services and looking for the 'best deal' ...  pay attention to the hidden, unseen, unexpected factors that have the most bearing in price. 


Real World Math Example Below

Let's give some real-world examples of how a highly customer centric company directly influences your company's bottom line/ROI/Profit.

Our staff is trained to:

  • recognize trends in call patterns and make suggestions on whether the data you're using is effective and is maximizing profit. 
  • they can see challenges with the current data and make the appropriate suggestion.
  • they are looking moment to moment and give recommendations to: 
    • change data 
    • pause campaign 
    • slow down the dials 
    • speed up the dials 
    • adjust dials by % 
  • they see the extreme flows and also the subtle flows that directly influence your bottom line.  
  • they offer real time communication via phone, email, skype, chat and can make adjustments within the minute of your confirmation. 

How does this directly influence your company?

As your campaign is running, you need ongoing stats and campaign evaluations.  Changing a campaign 'on the fly' is very common with voice broadcasting, especially at the early deployment stage. 

Our professional and responsive customer support staff is skilled and quick to make adjustments when needed. 

Here's just one example ... you have a large campaign running for your debt leads call center.  You have a press 1 campaign running and you find that the hours of 3-5pm CST is not a good time for the list that you're using.  You're call center staff is reporting less call flow and less receptivity during these hours, but it took a few weeks for your staff to realize this.

See the Math

Result:  $1,000's of dollars wasted for the wrong call time.  How do we calculate this?  Here's 2 samples:

Company A:  100,000 minutes per day.  During that 2hr time slot there's 15 minutes of wasted call volume, callers on hold, etc ...

Now 15 minutes x 2 cents per min (plus or minus) PER line dialed, which is 233 minutes used per/min =  
$70 plus per day WASTED spending. 

Company B: 30,000 min per day.   During that 2hr time slot there's 15 minutes of wasted call volume, callers on hold, etc ...

Now 15 minutes x 2 cents per min (plus or minus) PER line dialed, which is 83 minutes used per/min =
$25 plus per day WASTED spending.

This is simply just one specific example of many types of problems that occur that'll immediately affect your company's profit.

Our staff can be one step ahead of you and see the reporting on our end recognizing the press 1 call in stats and see that the Press 1 stats are lower during these hours.  So our staff makes a recommendation days before your staff was able to report this problem ... if ever.

Result:  Depending on the size of the campaign, you've could've lost thousands of dollars on wasted per minute charges. 

Don't forget:  The psyche of the sales reps / staff are crucial ...

  • if the call flow is slow ... they're irritated ... that's their money on the line.  When sales reps wait around for a call, the fear of loss kicks in and the need to close the client affects the ability to close the sale.
  • if call flow is too much, then potential clients on hold causes stress to the TSR's as well as irritate the client.  Plus waste your marketing dollars.

Remember when pricing ... it's the CPA - cost per acquisition that's important, not just the price per minute.

Customer support done right makes your company $.  Creates ROI where you would not normally have it.  In VB this is the backbone to profit.

Our staff is proactive in being sure your account is maximizing ROI .... so you're not spending unnecessary dollars in your marketing costs. 

You focus on your sales and closing process while we help with your call flow and proper execution of the actual campaign.  We provide the service and you focus on what you're good at.

VB is a hands on marketing  process ... not to be confused with a set it and forget it marketing. 

By now you should have a very clear understanding of the importance of true proactive customer service. 

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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