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Voice Broadcasting

Wouldn't it be great if you could send voice messages to thousands of people almost instantly?

We will broadcast your message within minutes, whether it's a corporate message from the CEO to thousands of investment bankers announcing a new compensation structure, an air travel security alert, an invitation for customers and prospects to a seminar, or an informative note to potential clients.

The Intelligent Service Provider
Our intelligent voice mail broadcasting solution is a revolutionary, completely Web-based, and unique communications platform which delivers messages to any type of voice mail or answering machine platform, no matter where in the world the system may be or the calling party is located.

The system enables corporate customers to initiate personalized one-on-one communications among thousands of people - clients, employees, or prospects - and their organizations. With only one phone call to record the message and an easy scheduling of the broadcasting date(s) and time(s) online, everything is ready to go and only a click away.

Use the lowest per-contact solution in the market and increase your lead-generation activities while taking advantage of all our services:

  • Record your message via a phone call

  • Full customer support for scripting and recording

  • Select your targets - VoiceBroadcastingPros.com provides global, qualified phone lists

  • Millions of messages: high-volume message delivery

  • Automated management of removal requests and no-call-list integration

  • Real-time reports on broadcast status online

  • Pay only for successfully left messages via a debit system

  • Schedule follow-up projects to increase your success rate

  • 24-hour quality customer support


Key Features Ensure Incredible Success
All the tools and interfaces that our solution offers to our customers aim at implementing and executing successful campaigns with the highest level of response rates, a constant stream of leads to the sales force, and a unique opportunity to enhance customer profitability rates.

  • Phone and Web interface for recording voice messages and uploading marketing messages

  • Seamless integration with CRM and contact management solutions

  • File Manager - to manage lists, voice messages, email template, and more

  • Project Wizard - to initiate marketing campaigns with a step-by-step process

  • Client Utility - one-step database exporting and importing

  • Instant results with real-time and detailed statistics

  • Log Assistant - track campaign results

  • Account Manager - manage users and maintain profiles

  • Complete initial online tutorial and training

  • Other features include integrated "Center of Influence" data technology that enables users to set geographic parameters to refine data lists for targeted voice campaigns. 



" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

- Terry, Call Center -


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