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VoiceBroadcastingPros.com Services

A Web-based, simple and versatile rule-based marketing solution for campaign management

It is an integrated, fully automated multimedia database marketing application that enables companies to manage complete voice broadcasting campaigns at the lowest combined cost per contact.

Our solution helps companies across industries to easily convert their existing customers and new customers into more business by using the right combination of media to deliver the right message at the right time.

Universally Accessible Broadcasting Platform
The solution is completely Web-based and doesn't require any installation of hardware or software at the client site. The online user interface offers a secured marketing environment and allows convenient campaign management from any remote location at any time.

User-friendly, Best-of-Breed Technology
Our solution was designed by and for marketers, offering a unique user-friendly multimedia broadcasting application. Our in-house marketing staff also provide you with additional resources that assite you towards a successful marketing project. Given the scalability of projects, the system's ability to send millions of messages per day, the scheduling of a certain number of voice messages/calls per hour and day, our software offers an enterprise-level solution equivalent to CRM and call center systems, but less expensive and more efficient.

Key Features Ensure Incredible Success
All the tools and interfaces that our solution offers to our customers aim at implementing and executing successful campaigns with the highest level of response rates, a constant stream of leads to the sales force, and a unique opportunity to enhance customer profitability rates.


Though our pricing is extemely competitive -
Pricing is NOT just about price ... understand how
Customer Service directly increases ROI.

Rates are based on many factors, such as:

  • size of campaign
  • we price by the minute or live transfers - depends on your company's needs.
  • Avg p/min is cents.
  • Live transfer pricing - tell us what we need to beat!

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" Our campaign pulled $7 per press 1, but after your rework of our campaign, it dropped to $3 per transfer!"

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